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August 3-7, 2009
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Organized Sessions:

  • Robert Beauwens, " Iterative methods in scientific computations"
  • Robert Beauwens, " Transport theory and statistical physics"
  • Dhandapan Kannan, " Stochastic Systems and Applications"
  • Ming-Jun Lai, "Mathematical Methods for Image Analysis"
  • Basem Attili, "Numerical Methods for Differential and Differential Algebraic Systems"
  • Khaled Rasheed, "Evolutionary Computation"
  • Caner Kazanci, Andrew Sornborger and Malcolm Adams, "Mathematical and Computational Biology"
  • Luca Gerardo-Giorda and Alessandro Veneziani, "Numerical Methods in Cardiovascular Problems"
  • Jesenmo Vukadinovic and Animikh Biswas, "Analytical and Computational Advances in Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence Theory"
  • Sang-Bae Kim , "Iterative Methods for sparse linear systems"
  • Tianming Liu , " Computational and Numerical Methods in Imaging"
  • Andy Nonaka, George Pau , " Adaptive mesh refinement strategies for simulating large multiphysics multiscale problems"
  • Mohammad Siddique, " Numerical Methods For Parabolic PDEs with
    irregular data"


The University of Georgia

The University of Georgia Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Computer Science Department